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PWC Collars Large

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Large : size 195L x 150H x 190W

Complete Set Includes

  • 2 x Large Collars
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Mounting Rails
  • 2x Front mounting brackets
  • 40 x M6 SS Nylock Nuts
  • 20 X M6x12.5mm SS Washers
  • 20 x M6x 20mm SS Washers
  • 20x M6x 25mm SS Taper Bolts
  • 2 x Anti slip Eva Decking foam
  • EVA Decking Foam - Available in 7 different colours options

Please note that fitment can be done through our fitment agents or can be installed your self (if fitting yourself we can provide installation videos) Fitment cost are from $300 to $400

Personal Water Craft Stability Collars are fabricated from a tough marine-grade closed-cell buoyancy foam. The PWC Stability Collars was designed to provide positive flotation and stability to your jet ski, this means you can fill the jet ski with water and it will still float!!

With the PWC collars attached you will find they improves the PWC ride and stability. The PWC Collars protects to PWC when it comes to docking and barnacles. The foam gets covered in a Polyurea coating to protect the foam and PWC from wear and tear.

Our newly added PWC spray deflectors now comes standard with every set of PWC Collars sold. The spray deflectors reduces about 80% of the spray from the front and 90% from the side.

We have been designing and fabricating jet ski fishing gear for over 8 years. With jet ski fishing we found that most of us always have one common problem and that is stability and flotation when fishing out wide with heavy fishing gear on the back of the jet ski! We found it very difficult to get back on the PWC in deeper water. We conducting a few test on our tag along trips we found 7 out of 10 anglers tested could not get back on the PWC from the side in 3 meters of water.

There's nothing worse than falling overboard, and if the jet ski flips over it's pretty crap. You grab the side and when pulling your weight up the jet ski just flips sideways. I know this because it happened to me while crossing a bar. The Jet Ski Collar is a long term investment, continually rewarding you every time you use your Jet Ski, and greatly increases your enjoyment and safety on the water.

After doing a few tag- along fishing trips we found that the stability is a common problem, especially with heavy gear on the back. Jet Ski Collars provide a great safety net, and If your jet ski should somehow fill with water you can be reset assured that your PWC will float.

Fitment Agents


Ski tec – Alex 020 4192 6833 Mobile service / Drop off East Auckland


Whitianga Marine Centre – Shane 07-867 1182


Lyndon Balmer – 027 577 9789


Dzine – Dustin Brattle 04 939 6860

Video Demostration


  • Do you have more colours available?

    The Marine grade closed-cell buoyancy foam are coated with Polyurea and only available in black. No other colours are UV stable

  • Do you have more sizes available?

    The Jet Ski Collars comes in one standard length but have three sizes available, Extra Large, Large, and Medium. Currently Broski only stock’s Standard and large if you are interested in XL please contact us

  • Can I fit the Collars myself?

    Most jet skis already have holes drilled that keeps the gunwale rubber attach to the ski. We fit the collars the same way as the gunwale rubber, if you can drill a 6mm hole into a mounting bracket and fit a bolt, nut and washer to the frame then you'll be able to fit the collars yourself please check out fitment videos on our website for a better idea of how this is done.
    We have fitment agents available and they charge around $300-$400 to fit the collars to your jet ski. Please see list available on our website

  • Warranty

    We have a one-year factory warranty on our jet ski collars, the warranty covers factory defaults. Self-inflicted cuts and rips will not be covered under warranty. Please nip up your bolts and nuts regularly.

  • Will collars effect the manufacture’s warranty?

    Best to check with your Jet Ski Dealer if your warranty will be effected if you fit Collars.

  • International sales

    Please contact us for international quotes and freight cost.

PWC Collars LargePWC Collars LargePWC Collars LargePWC Collars Large